Come Lounge

Visit the Five Nine to discover your next favorite venue. Our comfortable seating and spacious venue gives you plenty of room to have a good time.

When the workday is over, the nightlife calls. It’s time to leave the office, pull out your GPS, and search for the best “Nightlife Near Me”. You deserve a unique, vibrant, and relaxing atmosphere to settle in after hours.

Five Nine Hookah Bar Houston is the follow-up to your 9-5. Houston is home to the hardest workers in America, and we play even harder. Our in-house chefs are here to make sure you don’t get hungry during a night of partying. We offer exquisite dishes that are freshly prepared for you once it’s time for a bite to eat.

Located in southwest Houston, we offer an alternative to traditional Downtown Houston Nightlife. Enjoy an incredible night out without worrying about limited parking and confusing directions. Our convenient location gives you access to an incredible venue with plenty of space for you to safely park your vehicle. And with a steady rotation of unique DJs on the turntables every night, you’ll experience Indmix Houston nightlife like never before.

Our bar area features plenty of seating and a full-service bartender who’s ready to make you a delicious mixed drink. And as one of the best bars in Houston, we help you find the perfect drink to pair with your food and hookah orders. Our menu includes specialty drinks, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages that make your night even better.

And when you're looking for quality Houston nightlife, you can’t forget about the hookah. Our hookah set-ups are made to last you through the night, and our Hookah Lounge Houston selection includes our exclusive Specialty Fruit Head Hookah flavors. Enjoy one of our many exotic choices and settle into a booth. Or, enjoy the outdoor seating area we have on our patio. We have enough seating to accommodate you and your whole party.

Five Nine stands out as a premiere hookah lounge Houston destination. Stop by any day of the week and enjoy a great night out.