Reserve The Loung

We offer lounge reservations so you and your loved ones never have to worry about not having access to our premium facility.

We all want to enjoy a special night out from time to time. Celebration is the spice of life, and before you have a good time, you need to find a great place. If you’re looking for the best place for parties in Houston, look no more.

Enjoy one of the best bars in Houston while visiting the Five Nine Lounge. You and your group will enjoy an exclusive experience while being served by one of our trained bartenders. Featuring unique drinks and plenty of selections for you to choose from, we have a little bit of something for everybody. We’re unlike the rest of the bars in Houston, and we have much more to offer than other clubs in the city.

Five Nine provides you with an opportunity to reserve your space for your event. As one of the premier party rooms for rent in Houston, we stand out from the crowd thanks to our gourmet dishes, specialty drinks, and exquisite hookah flavors. Make sure you keep your space reserved by calling in advance. We’ll schedule your event so we’re ready to treat you and your guests like royalty when you enter our Club Houston venue.

Our lounge has plenty of space to accommodate your whole team when you’re searching for Houston nightlife. Our venue includes indoor booths as well as an outdoor patio setting for you to enjoy. By reserving your space in advance, we’ll make sure you have enough space to party no matter how busy we get.

There aren’t many restaurants with party rooms in Houston that compare to our lounge. The Five Nine chefs make sure you have plates of fresh food to enjoy during your night of fun. Using the best ingredients to create made-to-order meals, you will be amazed at the bold and exotic flavors were able to create.

Call us today to make your reservations and start hosting the best parties in Houston tonight. Our staff is ready to give you and your crew the best nightlife experience you’ve ever had.