Fresh Food. Unique Drinks. Amazing Hookah.

The Premiere Hookah Lounge in Houston. Open seven days a week, Five Nine offers a relaxed and unique atmosphere unlike any other club in the city.

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Quality Hookah With an Indmix Twist

As one of the best bars in Houston, we have a long list of unique drinks we offer our customers. Created by our team of mixologists, our specialty drinks are blended with creativity and class. Enjoy our selection of housemade drinks, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages while you enjoy an evening of Houston nightlife.

After work is over, it’s time to play. Unwind and dine at our lounge and enjoy your time away from the daily grind. Relax in one of our indoor booths or enjoy the weather by sitting in our outdoor patio area. You may be searching for the “Best Sports Bar Near Me”, but the Five Nine takes things a step further by offering you gourmet dishes while you relax and lounge.

With in-house chefs equipped with a full kitchen, you can always expect a quality meal from our club. We use fresh ingredients to prepare made-to-order dishes that will blow you away. Heavily inspired by the local Indmix nightlife, our exquisite and exotic meals are unforgettable.

Of course, you can’t forget about the hookah. Trying to find the best Hookah Bar Near Me will lead you directly to the Five Nine. Famous for our specialty fruit head hookah flavors prepared by our staff, you’ll be able to pair your food and drink with a flavor of hook you can’t find anywhere else. Or, build your own by combining one of the many fruit flavorings we’ve added to our menu.

Our lounge offers a unique twist on Houston nightlife. Featuring the top DJs in our city, you can expect a new playlist every night. And with a bar area, indoor booths, and an outdoor patio area with full seating, we have plenty of room to accommodate your party.

About Five Nine

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